Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Wickedness around Us

The Wickedness around Us

Often, as I am dwelling on, and praying about the wickedness of this world, a fit of mild depression comes over me. We hear the daily news; read the newspapers, and it seems that all hope for sanity has been swept away by conniving minds, and workers of iniquity. We are surrounded on every side by humanism, and immorality, and flagrant idolatry and it seems as though we are thrown into the pot with them, and all is coming to a boil, but praise God that he is in control. As I dwell on these things, I am also reminded of my part in them!
Yes, I have a part in the wickedness of the world too, and so do all of us. Let us not be too quick to condemn, lest we fall into our own judgment, and wallow in a wretched pool of filth. You see, I have to be reminded that I am as wicked as they, except that I have put certain restraints on that wickedness, or rather, the Lord has, and now I am guided by His Blessed Spirit.

Yes, we seem to be living in a cesspool of evil, and there is not much that we can do about it on our own, but thank the Lord, he can do something; He can change lives and hearts. Let this be our prayer; that God would stir the hearts of His people to pray, and that He would change the hearts of others and turn them around, and change the entire world by doing so. Though we dwell amidst evil, we need not be companions with it; seek the wonderful life-changing grace of God, and “draw nigh” unto Him.

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