Wednesday, January 13, 2010

1/13 Quips From Hosea

“Even the LORD God of hosts; the LORD is his memorial.” (Hosea 12: 5)

Our Lord stands as a great memorial to all that we are and can be. He is a pillar of truth unto us, and remains our guide, protector, sustainer, deliverer, and strengthener as well as our “all”. He is a monument of righteousness unto us, and forever looms over evil and iniquity; He guards us from that evil one, and delivers our souls from death. What a gracious grand memorial He is, and yet, what do we do with Him? We stray from His loving kindness, and seek after our own destruction. Ephraim did just that--he chased after the wind, and followed after the east wind, and he would, as a result, reap the whirlwind, as the scriptures will reveal. In a very real sense, we too chase after the wind; we seek the tangible things that flee from us; they pass through quickly as a gust of wind, and are gone just as quickly, leaving us alone and afraid with no real hope in this life. Thank God that He has become a memorial unto us; a visage we can look to for comfort and strength; He is there for us as a pillar of light by night, and an obscuring cloud by day to protect us from our enemies.

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