Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Loving the Lord through dependency


Love grows through dependency. As a new born baby, we begin to love those that take care of us, this is one reason why we must not prolong the babies stay in the hospital. The baby will love the one who first loved him. (1 Jn. 4:19).
The evolutionist teaches that we are all animals, and that animals know their mother by instinct, but we are people, we do not act on instinct. The newly born babe does not instinctively know who “mom” is, but soon learns through her tender loving care that she is “mom”. It is the same with us and our Lord.
We love Him because He fist loved us, and we respond to His love in reciprocating it back to Him. The more you learn to depend upon the Lord, the greater your love will be toward Him. Learn to trust Him; in so doing, you will grow to love Him more and more. As the Lord reached out to each of us, we responded to His love by returning it back to Him; in this way, we have learned that he loves us enough to provide for us, and to sacrifice for us, as a mother does her beloved child. Find ways to depend more fully on the Lord, and see if your love does not grow greater toward Him.

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