Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Our separation is three-fold:

We are separated at Calvary
    The Lord separates us from judgment when we put our faith in Him.  This type of separation is by the blood of Christ.  This separation separates us from our sins, it is an instantaneous, and invisible work performed in us.

We are separated by holiness
    The Word separates us, either when we withdraw from worldly people or things, or they separate themselves from us!  The Word cleanses and rebukes us so that we are given discretion with the wisdom of God.  We are no longer under the curse of sin; this happens spiritually first, then mentally, and physically.

We are separated by doctrine
    Our beliefs separate us from the world in the sense that we are “different”- a “peculiar people”. 
    This type of separation separates us from false doctrine, and at times must divide the brethren for the good of man and the glory of God.

    We don’t hear much about separation these days, the world preaches unity.  We need to get back to Biblical separation, and learn to stand on the principles of the Bible.   We must have separate lifestyles, separate  philosophies, and separate friendships, all of which describe the social, mental, and physical aspects of our life.

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