Monday, July 29, 2013

The slave market of sin

The Slave block of sin
Hosea 3

    Sin is degrading.  It is debilitating and damning, and in the case of Gomer, we see that even worldly men take gain from it wherever they can.  Hosea redeemed his beloved from the slave market; this depicts what Christ did for us,  We were all slaves to sin, and subject to be auctioned off to the highest evil bidder, until Jesus redeemed us and became the ransom for our sin. 
    Long before mankind ever existed, before even the foundations of the earth, this plan of redemption was designed.  It was designed by the Father, executed by the son, and empowered by the Holy Spirit; the three-fold work was accomplished by a triune God, and is ours today by grace.  Yes, all three had a part in our redemption.  How can such a thing be?  Nothing is impossible with God.  As Gomer’s sin lead her in a downward path, and she found herself on the auction block, but love bought her back!  What love that should forgive betrayal; what love that overlooks the evils of the past;  What love that redeems that which is considered unworthy, unredeemable; what love Jesus has for us!  It is easy to see the likeness here; Hosea represents Christ, or rather one manifestation of the Father’s love, and Gomer represents us, the sinful adulterers who constantly stray, even to the point of infidelity to our God.  Only godly love can love the unlovable; only God’s mercy can forgive the unforgivable; Hosea knew the true love of God, and it worked in him, and through him, to reach even unto Gomer.  Did she repent?  We do not know.  Was she remorseful for her infidelities?  We do not know, but Hosea didn’t care--he paid the price, and bought her back.  She may not have walked in sweet fellowship with him after that, but he still did not abandoned her, though he had good reason to do so; he gathered her up in loving arms and made her his own.  Did she ever stray again? We do not know, but Hosea loved her in spite of herself, and that is the message for us today from God--He loves us with an amazing love, a love that we cannot understand.  What an amazing story Hosea has to tell; what an amazing thing, this thing called love.

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