Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fire and Light

Spurgeon once said “There must be light as well as fire. Some preachers are all light, and no fire, and others are all fire and no light; what we want is both fire and light.” We need to light the fires of zeal under God’s children, but we also need to give them something to get excited about! The zeal is fine, but it must be accompanied by wisdom; any sermon that has the fire of God also must have the practicality of man to be effective. I speak in the both senses of this thought, the sermonizer and the hearer. The sermonizer must give practical wisdom with the encouragement of zeal, while the hearer must receive zeal, and use wisdom in applying it. Both are essential to the work of the Lord, there is no true light without fire.

Some have said “Where there is smoke, there is fire”, let not our lives be filled with smoke only, but with the fire of the Lord.

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