Thursday, November 26, 2009


Truth is a whimsical thing in that it is defined differently by so many people. Truth is often hard to bear if it convicts us, and yet, what seems to be obviously true to one man may not be so obvious to another. Of course there is scriptural Truth, which is altogether true, and always true, but even that is left to a multitude of interpretations. So, in our search for truth, absolute truth, we still dwell among the confused and shine on the side of selfishness. Oh, we do have some truths that are unshakably true; those that we cannot refute or question and that are backed by sound doctrine, but what about the rest? We live, and practice a form of truth that is conjured up in our ideals, our own set of principles; we become our own truth and act as if there is no other. Oh what pitiful wretches we are. The flesh is so weak in the matter of truth…and yet, we owe it to others to tell them the truth! There is a truth that we can rely on—an “absolute” truth that never changes, and never will. That “truth” is the Lord Jesus Christ, “the Way, the Truth, and the Life”, and His sacrifice for sin. Truth should change lives, and Calvary does just that! Therein lies the ultimate Truth, that Jesus loves us and died for us so that we too might live a victorious life full of grace and truth.

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