Monday, July 5, 2010

The Gospel In Isaiah

Isaiah 53

We see here a clear presentation of the Gospel, even way back in Isaiah’s time. In this short chapter we see a certain progression that is important in the understanding of the sacrificial death of our Lord. The narrative begins with his life before Calvary; it "peaks" in v. vs. 7-9, and then reigns victoriously toward the close of the chapter. The Gospel is clearly seen in these verses.
We have first: the people whom the Lord is seeking, (v. 1):

The obscurity of the “seeker”, (v. 2): The rejection of His deity by men (v. 3):
The prophetic message of the Messiah, (v. 4):

The message of the sacrificial Lamb for all mankind, (v. 5):

The wretchedness of man and his need for redemption, (v. 6):

The suffering, death and resurrection of Christ on our behalf (vs. 7-9):

The invitation to man (v. 10):

The victory of the Savior and man over sin, (v. 11):

And the will of God completed to His own glory, (v. 12)

What a blessed and prophetic chapter that speaks of the Messiah, our Lord Jesus Christ.

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