Friday, September 18, 2009

The Greatest Gift?

The greatest gift that the Lord has given us may not be His Son at Calvary, as precious as He is, but it is the gift of love that promoted the giving of His Son. Yes, the gift of love is perhaps the greatest of all gifts given unto man. It was love that brought Jesus down from eternity, and wrapped Him in flesh to suffer and die at the hands of His own creation. God gives us the ability to love, and we point it in the direction we want it to go; we decide who to apply it to. The free will of man is seen in this great truth, and we can love Him freely because of it. This is why God commands us to love our enemies, because, normally, we would not “aim” our love in that direction, but the Lord helps us out there, and we find that we can do that which He commands.
He tells husbands to love their wives, and to point our God-given love in their direction, and because He tells us to do it, we can do it. The greatest gift is the gift of love.

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