Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Carnality Test

Carnality Test

(To be answered in your heart, do not write out your answers. Be honest, even if it “hurts“)

1. Name three super models.

2. How much do you spend on television? (cable, satellite, etc.)
--big screen tv?

3. How much do you watch tv?

4. What kind of programming (contract) do you have for your cell phone?

5. How many electronic “gadgets” do you own?

5. Do you own a boat, motorcycle, or snowmobile?
--How much do you use it?
--Does it own you?

6. Did/do you vote for economic reasons? Other reasons than spiritual principles?
--Do you have a scripture verse for your reason for voting?

7. Do you have any close friends that are unsaved?
--Hunting, fishing partners, etc. (friends that you run with?)

8. What do you believe about secular education?
--The more knowledge, the better?

9. Do you miss church or church events for family gatherings?

10. How is your giving record?
--can you honestly say that your giving glorifies God?

11. Do you sleep with a gun for protection?
--How much do you trust in the gun to deliver you?

12. Do you follow the latest styles when dressing?
--does the world decide what you will wear?
--Do you try to look “sexy”?

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